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Welcome to our Parent Portal

This is where you will find key links, updates and information for parents and families of Linwood Elementary students.

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Parent Involvement

Parental involvement is the biggest indicator of a child's success in school. It's great if you can actually be in the school, but involvement doesn't just have to be limited to the regular school day. By reading to your kids, listening to them, helping with homework and encouraging regular school attendance, your child will know you value education.

Information about being involved at Linwood Elementary will be posted on this site throughout the school year. Please check back often!

Linwood PTA

Please visit our new website for all of the latest information.

Joyce Epstein of Johns Hopkins University

has developed a framework for defining six different types of parent involvement. This framework assists educators in developing school and family partnership programs. "There are many reasons for developing school, family, and community partnerships," she writes. "The main reason to create such partnerships is to help all youngsters succeed in school and in later life." 
The following information is taken from Epstein's work.  Please take the time to read through this information and see if any of these ideas can be helpful to us working together for children. Epstein's Work

 The National Education Goals

In 1994, President Bill Clinton signed the Educate America Act. The Educate America Act sets into law eight National Educational Goals for the year 2000. The law talks about what 'we' need to do to help our students become literate adults who possess the knowledge and skills necessary to compete in a global economy and exercise the rights and responsibilities of citizenship. Helping children with homework is an important part of how we can help our students succeed. Download a checklist for helping your child with homework here

Crisis Planning for Families

Having a child with challenging behaviors or mental illness can be stressful and at times families need help. Learn the role of county crisis teams, deescalation techniques and how to create effective crisis plans. This workshop also provides information about  resources in the community.